Will K. (compugeek2001) wrote in theoffice,
Will K.

Brad Pitt = David Brent?

In the last day word has leaked that Brad Pitt might have secured the part in the US version of "The Office". Hmm... isn't he too good looking for the part? This is interesting news...

Brad Pitt has emerged as the unlikely favourite to take on Ricky Gervais' role as David Brent in a US remake of British television series The Office, ananova.com reports.

Ironically, Gervais has joked that either Pitt or George Clooney should play him in the US version.

However, TV bosses seem to have taken him seriously, and have approached Pitt to take on the role.

A British TV insider was quoted as saying: "Brad's really into British comedy. He loves Monty Python and things like that.

"He's seen The Office, and thinks it's brilliant, and he's been approached by the team to take the lead role."
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